November 2021: VYRL Haryanvi is all set to release their third song, ‘Dole Laadle’ by




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November 2021:  VYRL Haryanvi is all set to release their third song, ‘Dole Laadle’ by

the superstar Gulzaar Channawala on the 18th of November. The power-packed

teaser of this song dropped today on VYRL Haryanvi’s YouTube channel which is sung,

composed, and written by Gulzaar himself in his inimitable style.


Gulzaar Channiwala is a young multi-talented Haryanvi superstar with fan following in

millions. He is best known for his popular songs Filter Shot, Desi Bill Gates, Kasoote,

Middle Class, Dada Pota and the latest one Chain sone Ki to name a few. His upcoming

song ‘Dole Laadle’ would be his first song under VYRL Haryanvi label.


VYRL Haryanvi has been curating unmatched native superhit songs right since its

inception, Zikr Tera by Sumit Goswami and Dilli Sheher by Renuka Panwar being two

such gems.


“I have enjoyed working with VYRL Haryanvi to the fullest as they have given me a free

hand in my creativity and believed in my vison that I had for Dole Laadle. I am so happy

to see everyone loving the teaser and I can’t wait to bring the song to you on 18th

Nov”, says Gulzaar, the whole and soul of this song.


Replete with crisp and catchy lyrics and fuelled with an action-packed video, this song

depicts how one doesn’t just need physical strength to fight but COURAGE!


VYRL Haryanvi will soon release more details on the song, please stay tuned for latest

updates on:


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